Tomasz Waszczewski - Bergen


I’m StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 2, StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor, Certified Conditioning Coach and Functional Movement Specialist Level 2 with sports background in martial arts.

Currently, in Bergen, I’m running both Personal and Group trainings, where I’m helping people to be healthier, stronger and pain-free! I cooperate also as Strength and Conditioning coach with Brazilian Jujitsu fighters, MMA fighters, and female basketball team.

My highest priority as a trainer is safety and the consistent delivery of quality instruction. During a training session, the finer details relating to the various techniques are constantly highlighted. This helps students gain a deeper overall understanding of these techniques and their corresponding functions. My goal is for my students to have a lifetime of training without injury.

I’m using many different methods and modalities, which are „tailored” to the individual needs of my students, but all trainings are based on StrongFirst principles. I believe in lifelong learning and I want to deliver to my students world-class training methods. To be able to do that I travel internationally a few times a year to learn from the best in the industry in the field of strength training, conditioning, injury prevention, and program design. Besides obvious interests related to strength development, My biggest interest as a trainer is Low back disorders. I attended Mcgill level 1, 2, 3, 4 seminars, to better help back pained individuals. My goals for 2019 are to pass exams and become McGill certified and StrongFirst Lifter – SFL

My personalized approach results in work with a wide range of people. From back pained office workers, through people who never trained before to competitive athletes who need to be in top shape for peak performance.

If you want to become stronger and stay injury-free please contact me for personal trainings and distance coaching!

Pozdrawiam / Regards,
Tomasz Waszczewski